Commercial Walkie Talkie's for Event Managers, Caterers,Hotels, Hospitals, Educational Institutions.

H350B Small size, Super value

Efficiently manage the appointment desk, the nurses' station, or the path-lab.

Product feature
  • Battery capacity 2600mAh
  • Transmit power 4 watts
  • Range 4-5 kms
  • 1 Watt speaker for loud reception
  • Stun-Kill-Revive
Additional Details
  • 3 tone signalling, whisper-mode wire clone, 3×2 programmable buttons, siren
  • Channels: 16
  • MIL/STD: Rain/Dust resistant

7,150(per piece)

In the box

  1. ChargerI/P: Dc 5V O/P: 4.2V 500mA
  2. Antenna
  3. Belt Clip
  4. Wall Adaptor B-28I/P:220 VA/c O/P: 5V DC 1A
  5. Li-ion BatteryDC 3.7V 2600mAh

main features

LED Indicator

LED glows red during transmitting; glows green during receiving; flashes when battery power is insufficient; flashes green during scanning.


Helical antenna to receive and transmit signals

Anti Skid Design

The radio body is made of aero grade polycarbonate with grained texture which prevents slippage even when it is contaminated with slippery liquids like oil, grease and detergents.

VoX On/Off

In VoX 'on' position, transmission automatically starts without the need to press the PTT button. Both the hands are free to hold ladder rails, ensuring safety of the user. Its a useful feature for video camera operations where both hands are occupied.

3X2 Programmable Buttons

The side buttons operate the torch light, VoX (on/off), Hi/Lo power, scan, squelch to receive weak signals and transmit "Roger Beeps" before and after transmission.


Model: Talk PRO H350B Modulation limit ≤ 5KHz / 2.5KHz
Frequency range VHF: 136~174MHz UHF: 350~390MHz; 400~470MHz FM distrotion ≤ 5%
Channel capacity 16(15+S) Residual FM -45dB / -40dB
Channel spacing 25.0KHz/ 12.5KHz Adjacent channel power -70dB / -60dB
Operating temperature -25~+55°C Spurious and Harmonics ≤- 36dBm
Antenna impedance 50 ohms Sensitivity 0.22μV / 0.25μV
Operating voltage 7.4V Adjacent channel selectivity 70dB / 60dB
Weight 220g (with antenna & battery) Intermodulation reject ratio 65dB
Dimension 98x60x34mm (H x W x D) Spurious response reject ratio 70dB
Battery 2600mAh (Li-ion Battery) S/N 45dB / 40dB
RF power(H/L) UHF: 4W/1W VHF: 5W/1W Rated audio power output 0.8W
Modulation type 16K F3E / 8K F3E Rated audio distortion ≤5%
  • Educational

  • Event

  • caterers

  • Hotel

  • Hospital

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