Communicate the smart way!

Whether you need your message to get above, below or across, you need equipment that will let you communicate seamlessly and without interruption. When at work, nothing is more frustrating than flimsy equipment, dropped calls, and faulty communication.

Why allow any of these to affect your productivity and, therefore, your ROI?

In this age of cutting-edge communication technology, you must have access to the best walkie-talkie and wireless radio equipment. Equipment that you can trust and will stand the test of height, depth, and distance.

What you need are Talk PRO walkie talkies - India's preferred brand for high-quality, reliable wireless radio communication, manufactured to military standards. These feature-rich devices offer great value for money and are used extensively in multiple industries, including construction, aviation, hospitality, healthcare, security, and event management. They are the walkie talkies of choice in educational institutions, airports, manufacturing plants and government agencies.


Backed by the strength of almost thirty years' experience since 1988, Talk PRO is today a name synonymous with high-quality walkie talkies. The company is headed by its founder, Capt. Anil Midha, whose association with the telecom industry dates back to the days of relicensing radio equipment, when he worked closely with Sam Pitroda, erstwhile Telecom Advisor to the Government of India.

Today, Talk PRO and its sister company, Iconet Wireless Solutions, are the leaders in manufacturing and distributing walkie talkies and radio equipment and accessories in India.

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