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Best Walkie Talkie Radios For Event Managers, Caterers, Hotels, Hospitals, Educational institutions

H250A India's top selling model

Keep tabs on what's happening backstage, in the crowd, or at the gates.

  • Battery capacity 3000mAh - upto 48 hours
  • Transmit power 2.5 watts
  • Range 2.5 kms
  • Torch light
  • FM radio

5,650(per piece)

H350B Small size, super value

Efficiently manage the appointment desk, the nurses' station, or the path-lab.

  • Battery capacity 2600mAh
  • Transmit power 4 watts
  • Range 4-5 kms
  • 1 Watt speaker for loud reception
  • Stun-Kill-Revive

7,150(per piece)


Best Walkie Talkie Radios For Army, Railways, Ports, Cement and Steel Industries, Coal Mines, Thermal Plants and Infrastructure

H350 Plus Multi-Function super value

Two-way Radio is suitable for users working in noisy, moist and dusty environment.

  • Battery capacity 2000mAh
  • Transmit power upto 7 watts
  • IP67 water immersible/Dust proof
  • Stun-Kill-Revive
  • MDC 1200 signalling

10,500(per piece)

H450A Rough usage with heavy talk time

Ideally suited for large factories, multi storey buildings and infra companies.

  • Battery capacity 2200mAh
  • Transmit power Upto 7 watts
  • IP54 dust and water resistant
  • Xenon torch light 15 ft beam
  • Hetrodyne receiver for weak signal

8,150(per piece)



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